Our mission is to make every organization an on-demand enterprise where 
information is securely, easily and instantly accessible, on any device.


Secure digital workspace

Integrate technologies, platforms, devices, and clouds, to secure and simplify IT management. Deliver employees personalized access to the relevant systems and tools they need, when and how they need them.

All Citrix Products

Fetured Products

Citrix ADC

(formerly NetScaler ADC)

Citrix Application Delivery Management

(formerly NetScaler Management and 

Analytics System)

Citrix Gateway

(formerly NetScaler Gateway or

NetScaler Unified Gateway)

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

Citrix SD-WAN

(formerly NetScaler SD-WAN)

Citrix Secure Web Gateway  (formerly

NetScaler Secure Web Gateway)

Citrix Web App Firewall

(formerly NetScaler App Security or

NetScaler AppFirewall)